Aiming to create a chain of turning points in history,
by forming a group of operating companies
that bring value to society

CEO / Founder Yuya Kuratomi

Founded in February 2013, COCON has entered its eighth year in operation.
Beginning as a crowdsourcing service and then diversifying into the security and AI sectors, COCON has slowly expanded by incorporating eight companies and two services into the Group.
At present, COCON works primarily on cybersecurity, AI, and Automation. Let’s take a look at the world as being divided into physical space and cyberspace. In cyberspace, we are now in an era in which cybersecurity technology infrastructure is more important than ever. In physical space, AI and other cutting-edge technologies are redefining traditional industries. COCON decided to build around our current businesses in order to improve our capability to bring value to society in both cyberspace and physical space.
At the same time, to encourage our customers to make use of cybersecurity, AI, and Automation in society at large, we integrated business design, branding, and design-related “technologies of expression” in-house and thereby enhanced the overall strength of the COCON Group as an organization. The COCON Group’s mission is “to create the turning points of history with a timeless, universally beloved level of service.” With this mission at our core, the COCON Group has worked and will continue to work, as an operating company, in our chosen sectors and industries to provide unique added value and “create turning points in history” through our businesses.
We haven’t even reached the start line yet as a company, but we have over 250 staff and great numbers of customers and shareholders lending us their support. By correctly identifying COCON’s role in society and accountability, the COCON Group will come together to become a company that is considered necessary by society and enable our growth by focusing in earnest on our businesses and the services we provide.
COCON and all of our Group companies look forward to working with you in the future.

January, 2020
CEO / Founder Yuya Kuratomi


This section pertains to the COCON Group’s mission, vision, values. Our mission is “to create the turning points of history with a timeless, universally beloved level of service.