To create the turning points of history
with a timeless, universally beloved level of service

Whatever the era, whatever your country, there will always be a certain kind of eternal, immutable value.
That value is defined as the level of abundance and convenience of the people’s lives in that era and that place.
We keep our eyes focused on that concept to pursue our mission of providing a timeless, universally beloved level of service that will play a role in creating turning points in history.


Becoming a compass for our era

In the past, people created watches so that they could know the time, and they created compasses to know their direction.
Each of these tools serves as a reference to be followed.
I would like the services we provide to serve a similar role.
To serve as a reference for the direction of people’s lives, and for the era beyond our era, and thereby to contributing to society: that is the future to which COCON aspires.



The era of companies chasing after their own profits has come to an end. In the present era, businesses are expected to be involved in society and introduce services that contribute to that society.
COCON is in touch with the trends of that era, and we strive to increase the number of our projects and R&D activities that “serve people and the world” in our own unique way.