倉富 佑也

Chief Executive Officer

Yuya Kuratomi

  • Born 1992
  • 2013/Dropped out of the Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics
  • 2013/Became Representative Director of COCON upon its founding
淡輪 敬三

Outside Director

Keizo Tannawa

  • 1985/Master’s Degree, Stanford University
  • 1987/McKinsey & Company
  • 1993/Partner at McKinsey & Company
  • 1997/Representative Director and President, Watson Wyatt (now Willis Towers Watson) in Japan
  • 2014/Vice Chairman, WWF Japan (current)
  • 2015/Visiting Lecturer, Ritsumeikan University Business School (current)
    Also serves as an outside director for Invast Securities, TSUBAKI NAKASHIMA, Livesense, etc.
高野 真

Outside Director

Makoto Takano

  • Chairman and CEO, linkties
  • Publisher, Forbes JAPAN
  • CEO and founder, D4V (Design for Ventures)

1987: Daiwa Securities, transferred to Daiwa Institute of Research. Specialized in research. 1991: Worked in the USA with Harry Markowitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, to develop portfolio management models. 1997: Joined Goldman Sachs Asset Management and served as Head of Marketing in the Investment Advising Department, as well as Operating Officer and Chief of Planning and Research before joining PIMCO Japan Ltd. in 2001. He served as President of PIMCO Japan for 13 years. In 2014, he moved from finance to publishing and joined Atomixmedia Inc. (currently linkties Co., Ltd.) to serve as Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes JAPAN. In 2019, he became Chairman and CEO of linkties as well as publisher of Forbes JAPAN. 2016: Founder and CEO of D4V (Design for Ventures, a venture capital formed in partnership with IDEO) (current) Also serves on the board of a number of organizations, including GHV Accelerator, Endeavor Japan, Japan Venture Capital Association, UWC ISAK Japan, Asia Pacific Initiative, and Human Rights Watch. Extensive output of papers and books on capital markets, including his contributions to the Nikkei newspaper. In 1992, he was awarded Securities Analysts Journal Prize. He holds master’s and undergraduate degrees in engineering from the Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

竹内 將人

Operating Officer

Masato Takeuchi

  • 2006/Joined a mobile advertising firm
  • 2007/Transferred when the educational advertising agency division was spun off into its own company
  • 2015/Joined COCON
  • 2016/Operating Officer, COCON
  • 2017/Director, COCON
  • 2019/Operating Officer, COCON (current)

Outside Auditor

Hiroyuki Yamada

  • 1988/Bachelor of Laws, Keio University Faculty of Law
  • 2001/Founder, Partner, and CFO of the AZX Professionals Group
  • 2013/Corporate Auditor, COCON (current)
  • 2013/Auditor, Fringe81 (current)
  • 2015/Auditor, Kaonavi (current)
  • 2016/Auditor, Chatwork (current)

Outside Auditor

Ryosuke Nakamura

  • 2001/Bachelor’s Degree, Waseda University School of Law
  • 2009/Kyushu University Graduate School of Law
  • 2010/Certified as a lawyer (Fukuoka Bar Association)
  • 2012/Studied abroad at the Fudan University Law School (People’s Republic of China)
  • 2013/AllBright Law Offices
  • 2014/Established the Nakamura International Law Office
  • 2015/Corporate Auditor, COCON (current)