AI and Automation are core to being competitive in the data economy, and cybersecurity keeps that data safe. Our businesses focus on both of these sectors. We have also integrated our design-related operations in-house as one of our capabilities to promulgate technology throughout society.

  • AI・Automation


Our lines of business include security diagnostics and penetration testing services focused on cyber-connected vehicles, IoT devices, mobile apps, and websites, backed by our team of technically elite white-hat hackers that have performed at the top echelon of domestic and international hacking events and contests. We have also developed a search engine used to visualize IoT device data, provide monitoring and analysis services to follow up on data leaks, and have applied encryption technology to real-world use situations in society.
Check each respective service’s web page for more information.

  • lepidum
  • ゼロゼロワン
  • WebMonitor


We are working with Hokkaido University and other Japanese research institutions to use AI to streamline business operations. We excel particularly in the retail, logistics, and demand prediction fields. In the retail sector, we offer the Price Search service, an SaaS service that optimizes price points for e-commerce sites. Check each respective service’s web page for more information.

  • AI TOKYO LAB & Co.


In the design field, the COCON Group applies our cutting-edge solutions to real-world situations as design output through internal company services or client projects. This output refers not to mere coloring or shapes. Instead, we aim for high-level output that has been examined from diverse perspectives for its humanity, contribution to society, economic viability, and innovativeness.
Our design work includes new services that provide new value, branding that increases our corporate value, architecture and interior design that create powerful user experiences, computer graphics for the entertainment industry, product packaging that is in touch with consumer lifestyles, communication that resonates with people, and digital UIs.
We are committed to achieving new value and contributing to growth through design.

  • 2DOGS
  • IDR